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A Slow Food Advocate..

Udipi Ganesh Vilas is a rare jewel in the gastronomy scene in Singapore, featuring a sizable repertoire of wholesome recipes that promote nutritional goodness.

As a slow food advocate, the restaurant's emphasis on wholesome dishes is much known and well received by customers all over the island, especially favoured by avid diners looking for nutritious and healthy food on their plates.

Udipi Ganesh Vilas is relentless in the preservation of traditionally cooked food, prepared from scratch with wholesome ingredients.

No MSG and chemical additive are used at the restaurant as we stay true to the art of Udipi* cooking, and pride ourselves to home-cooked freshness and good taste, each time, each day!

What customers are saying:


"Excellent food, good prices"

The menu is extensive, and yet even by picking randomly I'm yet to have a dish that wasn't excellent. 

I come here about every other week, and the food really is fantastic. At around $5 a dish, it's also very affordable. 

It's always busy - not a place for a first date, but for great food it's worth the trip.


"Very nice place"


Went there and had breakfast with my wife. The food was simple and delicious. 


The staff greeted us with a warm smile. Thanks....


"Good value for money, helpful and friendly staff”

Overall I had a very good experience.


Staff was very friendly and the food was definitely good for the price paid. Place is well maintained and clean.


Improving the tastiness of the dishes to the next level, while keeping it at the same price, would make it a great place.

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